Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Writing for this blog is most likely going to happen on rainy days and days that I cannot otherwise be working on school assignments grading papers or loving on grandchildren. I love to write, but I love many parts of my life. As much as I love life I look forward to seeing my Lord one day.

Our school district held teacher training this week. I usually always enjoy learning. I met my counterpart from Glendale High School. She seemed really nice All teachers I have met really seem nice, People who choose to work with kids have something special about them, I am so blessed to work at something I love,

A shadow of what is left of
a child after Hiroshima
I am excited about tomorrow. I am giving my first extra point assignment. I generally don't believe in it...but some students just get done so quickly they need more and deeper...and then the kids who tread water need a way to save themselves so this assignment will do both. Extra reading related to their next unit. Times of War. They have to read either Hiroshima or All's Quiet on the Western Front and create a presentation as a commentary on what they have read. 50 points. Both are books that were required reading for me in school. They no longer read those. Instead they read  Ely Weisel's Night. I think it is good to get some other perspective of past wars. Even in the 8th grader's reading they are to read Anne Frank's Diary...more about the Holocaust. There was so much more to those wars than the Holocaust, not to down play it, but they need to know all of it in order to be good stewards of our future.

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